2 Effective Ways to Backup Instagram photos Online!

Posting photos and videos on Instagram has always been a fascinating thing for teens especially. Showing off with your photos, Getting likes and comments, having massive followers is what everyone wants.

There comes a time when you unfortunately, have to delete your Instagram account. It may be because of family problem, personal privacy or theft. Too sad. All the hard work to collect so many followers, the likes and the respect blows off within seconds.

We all love our Instagram photos because we take utmost care while uploading them.

You are looking to delete your Instagram account that too without backup! All the sweet memories of pictures, all the editing, your valuable time. Are you going to waste it for nothing?

But Hey hey!

We can take easily backup Instagram photos just like we do with some other stuff like Backing up our contacts, apps, songs on Drive, etc. a lot of people don’t know is that they can backup their whole Instagram account within minutes!


Here are the Top 2 Effective ways to backup Instagram photos and videos Online:

1. Using Instaport.me

Step 1:

Head over to Instaport.me and log into your Instagram account. As instaport.me is third party service you will be asked for permission. Authorise Permission and you are safely connected.


Step 2:

Choose options like:

a. All my photos: Which includes all the photos  rght from the time you posted your first photo.

b. Only specific number of photos: Last 10 or last 100 photos.

c. Photos taken between certain time: Specify the dates.


Step 3:

Click the Download only button. A zip file will be downloaded which will have your Instagram photos and videos.

2. Using Downgram.com

Step 1:

Go to Downgram.com. Connect with your Instagram account. Grant permission.


Step 2:

Select from your photos which you want to backup. Click Download zip. You are Done!

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Special Tip:

For all the Marketing folks out there who showcase their products on Instagram or collect leads from their accounts, I personally feel you should always backup your Instagram photos regularly because our accounts are more likely to get banned because of excess promotion. So Backup is very necessary. Always backup your photos and videos and keep them safe in your PC or Mac.

Any doubts? Any Suggestions? Let me know through Comments!


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