How to Report Spam or Delete Comments on Instagram?

Instagram is not only a place for teens who share their photos and experiences, but also for marketers who are looking forward to promote their brand on Instagram.

The basic principle of which Instagram works is: Follow for Follow.

If you follow 100 people, at least 40 of them will follow you back. Commenting on other accounts is as important as following people. It is very necessary to form relations with other Instagrammers.

There are many Shoutout pages which give shoutouts to other accounts. They generally have a huge following. So spammers mainly target these pages to get lot of followers!

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They often tag you in their pictures, tag you in comments,etc. People do lot of marketing and commenting on accounts having plenty amount of followers, this results in big amount of spam on your account which is not very good looking for your profile.

You should always check your profile and photos in order to keep your profile spam free. For those who don’t know how to delete comments on Instagram. Instagram has feature that you can strictly report the spam and they make sure it gets deleted in no time.


How to Delete or Report comments on Instagram?

Step 1:

Go to the photo or video where the spammer has commented on.


Step 2:

Go to comments. Select it.

Step 3:

If they are spam comments, you can report it as Spam or Abusive Comment as shown in image below. You’re Done!

If it’s you who has commented, and want to delete your comment. You can simply select it and delete it.


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