One thing No One Noticed in New Instagram Update!

After the latest update from Instagram v.7.0 on App Store and Android Store, it’s Direct Messaging feature is been compared with Twitter’s DM.

This update Changed lot of things technically.

We are now able to message anyone, tag them in any Post, Send any Picture to them, Have group Messaging, etc.

Also the Major feature updated was the one That You can Now upload pictures and videos in Landscape as well as

Portrait Mode! Yes! No Square Restrictions now!

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After the removal of Square restrictions, all of the personal as well as Brand Accounts were happy!

Off course they will be, because we don’t click pictures and selfies in 4:3 Ratio! Hence, to give full freedom to us, Instagram launched this update!

With this update, came a feature that no One Noticed! Off course the Personal Accounts won’t. But me as a person who does marketing on Instagram Noticed One Weird Thing!


          Before the update, We were able to add custom locations to our photos, but now in this update, we can’t. So if you’re place is not listed in Instagram dictionary, then it’s not on Earth!

This is a very sad news for Marketers as we used it Use It For CTA (CALL TO ACTION) and drive attention of followers to our Bio!

Never Mind! We can still do Marketing on Instagram!


What Do you feel About This New Instagram Update?

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