Top 30 Instagram Hashtags you must use to Boost your Instagram Reach!

Hashtags are all over the place. You can see them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, at occasions, or even on ads and motion picture trailers. In 2007, Twitter clients started utilizing the # sign as a part of front of words or expressions to make bunches inside of Twitter. At that point in 2009, Twitter took a prompt from their clients and started hyperlinking all hashtags in tweets. Presently, in 2014, all significant interpersonal organizations (barring LinkedIn) hyperlink hashtags in light of the fact that the selection rate has been tremendous!

Adding hashtags to your photos is an awesome approach to discover new adherents and impart your photographs to more individuals. To get the most out of them, you’ll need to remember a couple of things. Instagram is all about expanding your brand or Account. In order to get followers and likes, you HAVE to use hashtags in your posts.


Here is the List of Top 30 Most used Instagram Hashtags that you can use to Boost your photo reach on Instagram:

1. #love 758,444,518 posts
2. #instagood 381,750,310 posts
3. #tbt 302,052,730 posts
4. #photooftheday 285,209,406 posts
5. #cute   284,202,936 posts
6. #me 277,465,650 posts
7. #beautiful 265,362,724 posts
8. #happy 262,644,454 posts
9. #follow 234,710,537 posts
10. #followme 232,727,940 posts
11. #picoftheday 215,521,678 posts
12. #summer 208,710,919 posts
13. #fashion 207,439,176 posts
14. #selfie 206,455,425 posts
15. #tagsforlikes 205,812,963 posts
16. #girl 197,754,467 posts
17. #friends 194,592,079 posts
18. #like 193,577,034 posts
19. #fun 187,792,529 posts
20. #instadaily 182,922,403 posts
21. #smile 174,096,337 posts
22. #igers 164,093,827 posts
23. #like4like 156,031,463 posts
24. #instamood 151,782,887 posts
25. #food 148,964,656 posts
26. #family 136,355,900 posts
27. #nofilter 136,266,299 posts
28. #instalike 132,827,335 posts
29. #amazing 131,224,879 posts
30. #repost 128,911,524 posts

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Start Adding hashtags Now! You can add hashtags in comment section also. No need to add them in caption area as it might look Spammy.

NOTE: You need to keep your account Public in order to get exposure!

Suggestion: I Suggest you add 10-15 hashtags per post. 11 is ideal! Don’t Spam.

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