Ways To Improve Your Feed Through Instagram Themes!

Instagram has and remains as a driving force of social media now thriving towards gaining more audience through its ever-growing platform features and existing community base which often makes people reach out to the platform in order to share their most memorable moments with the world. When you scroll through the feed, there is much variety of contents that you will come across and sometimes there are chances that you may interact with a picture or a content that looks so beautiful that it instinctively caught your attention without you even realizing the same.

Many personal account holders, as well as Instagram business account holders, are using the platform in order to get a wider audience in order to share their contents with and at times, they come up with an absolute aesthetically pleasing picture which will make you drool over the image in front of you. Such contents often make you wonder how and when it was taken and the amount of effort gone into producing such a picture even by arranging it in the proper format and with the right amount of alignment needed for the whole layout.

Even for business account holders, it is crucial that you make sure to take good care of your post contents in such a way that you pay perfect attention to even the minute details in order to produce contents that will impress your existing followers and will be a reason for many new users to come to check you out. The time that any new user would take in order to follow a page or a profile is the time that it takes for them to get intrigued by the very first post they see about you and hence visit your page for following you for more updates on similar content.

Pick your content

When you want an Instagram account with posts which are very neatly structured and arranged in a leasing way, you should first and foremost decide what content you want to post depending on the purpose of the account you have opened. Whether it be personal or business, you can try listing out all the reason why you want specific contents to be displayed on your profile be it images of animals, landscapes or even humans as they all might serve a purpose which is different from that of one another and still succeed in complementing each other as a whole.

If you already hold an account and is just now only coming to the realization that you want the feed of your account to be displayed better, you should definitely have a look at your older posts and make a note on each one of them regarding the aim of the post, the bodies included and the audience it was target against. Once the feedbacks are being penned down, you can collectively spot out the ones which might have gained the maximum amount of engagement through likes and comments and separately look at them in order to figure out the reason behind it.

Once you decide on the common aim of your account you can always look into your albums or collections in order to pick out the ones which are apt for the goal that you have set in mind as quality should always be given priority over quantity at any time. If you are not sure about the ideals and basis of what makes your account successful and which type of content to work out on, you can always try experimenting by posting various unique content and then by welcoming comments against them.

Get inspiration

After picking your aim, you might sometimes still feel confused as to where to begin the whole process on, and hence you can also look for ways of inspiration from your surroundings such as:

  • You can check out the other popular Instagram accounts that follow a consistent theme in order to analyze them and to figure out the mechanisms that are being used.
  • You can also try and communicate with them if possible through the portal or through comments in order to find out how they have come up with ideas as such and what kind of parameters they have set for the posts they publish.
  • It is important to understand the meaning behind the posts and themes that they are trying to portrait a hence you can observe and take your time to figure out what mood they are trying to communicate to you.
  • Once you are able to find the mood of a picture or an account through the feed and by the content that is posted there, you can use the same methodologies in order to find out what goals you should set for your account and the posts that you offer to your community.
  • You can always ask for feedback from your list of followers or from other known Instagrammers who can help you with honest comments on how they feel about the idea that you are trying to represent through the pictures being displayed.
  • Once the foundation is set for your account and its posts, it is only ideal that you stick to your stand no matter how intense the criticisms try and drag you down as you will always have to work on your goals in order to make them a success and giving up on them halfway through is not the ideal method to go about it.

Color your feed

Once the contents and the ideas are set the very next thing to concentrate on is the colors that you use on your feed which will necessarily play an important role in your posts. The colors and the combinations that you use often define the overall mood of the pictures and of the account and hence it is vital that you keep an eye open for all possibilities and fixate on something which suits you and your brand the best.

The very common unspoken role is that there should be an evident use of minimum 3 colors in your pictures which can be of any combinations that you like which can be alternated thoroughly between themselves in order to provide better outputs. The colors that you pick should be evidently displayed in all the posts that you showcase on the account and should remain as the main character of every post that is being portrayed on the account thereby showing the audience that there is an order that is being followed throughout your posts.

Once the colors are picked it is also better to set a tone for all the pictures to be posted as it is highly necessary to choose a tone for all the pictures to be posted making sure that they all come about in the same tone as each other. If a certain picture is taken while in the morning with natural sunlight you can also collectively make the next set of pictures also about the same tone by taking them in the same natural light around the same time rather than going for something different on its own thereby breaking the balance of the feed.

Use editing apps

You can always seek help from the new advancements in technology by using a different kind of editing tools which can help you chisel your picture into perfection by taking recommendations from your friends or colleagues who are familiar with the line of work. Always using the best available application to edit your content will help show the followers that you are up-to-date with the technology and can work on newer versions in order to come up with better quality pictures that can be displayed as such in the portal for attention and appreciation.

If you are unaware of how to use the editing applications, you can always also try watching certain tutorials in order to gain more knowledge and also ask for help from your photographer friends in order to come up with a custom filter for you and your business needs in general. Once the filter which should be commonly used is picked, it is important that you use the exact filter in all the picture contents that are to be posted in your account hence making sure that you follow the invisible rules and guidelines of creating a serene layout for the viewer.

The filters that you commonly used can be refined and edited in such a way that you can use them for your pictures without having to pick a different filter for a new picture every time and instead concentrate on working on the effects of the current filter which can be altered according to your picture needs. This way the pictures that are posted in your Instagram account will definitely give off a common vibe to ay viewer that is accessing your posts and gives an idea that all the contents in your account are designed in such a consistent way.

Focus on the audience

You should always have an idea about what kind of audience you are trying to target with the theme you are representing and then collectively work on improving it henceforth giving it the ability to blend in more with the majority of your Instagram family. Choosing a method in which you can reciprocate the best way in order to communicate your business ideals with the viewers and also to accept the constructive criticism that you might possibly receive as a result of your newly followed themes and hence posted contents.

If you focus more on your goals, you can always find ways in order to improve the mechanisms that you currently use and to adapt with the growing demand for new and fresh content on behalf of your followers hence ensuring that you always come up with top-notch services and contents from your end. Your themes can differ from being dark or being bright depending on the mode of business and services that you run and the type of image that you want to create in the minds of your followers in order for them to keep enthusiastic about your account and its contents.

Once the basic idea is being separated from all other noise, you can often note it down in order to come up with better additional information to add to it and also to keep reminding yourself about the goal that you have set in front of you in regards to your business and its functioning. You always need to be under the impression that your idea should be held out and worked on by putting in enough and efficient effort as well as time without backing out in times of any hurdles and thus regulating a successful output.

Even for all your old posts in your Instagram account, you can do collective research and separate the ones which are worth staying and then get rid of the ones which act as background noise and also apply the same mechanism to any of your recent posts as well by ensuring they match the theme. You should be ready to take risks on behalf of your business and its services and should have a sense of responsibility towards your active followers who look up to you for quality and honest content and focus on not letting their expectations down. 

While taking your pictures, choosing an apt angle to focus on depends on the type of view that you want your followers to have and you can always follow your first instincts when it comes to certain angles and if you are feeling slightly hesitant. You can also use the natural lighting for your pictures in general or even use the artificial set up if that is how you want your images to show up, as, at the end of the day, the beauty and meaning behind a certain picture can only be found when you look at it through the viewers eyes.

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